Awnings make your building more…

N    Sustainable

N    Attractive

N    Energy Efficient

N    Cost Effective

The installation of awnings, retractables and shade structures is both a science and an art. The benefits you may gain from the addition of shade solutions to your home or business facility will vary depending upon its orientation and architecture.

An awning created by A Shade Beyond in Prescott AZ
An awning installed by A Shade Beyond in Prescott AZ

Benefits can be enhanced by taking into account such factors as:

N    How the awning will be used.

N    When the awning will be used. (Times of day and seasons of the year.)

N    The orientation of your building.

N    The structural components of your building.

N    Whether the awning is decorative or mostly to prevent solar gain.

Since awnings reduce solar gain during hours of peak electricity use, you may save even more money on your cooling bills.